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BCGControlBar 7.3

BCGControlBar 7.3

BCGControlBar Publisher's Description

V7.0 Features


  • Implemented a new visual manager "CBCGPVisualManagerVS2005" which allows to create applications with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005 ("Whidbey") look
  • Implemented a new docking style - "smart docking". It's similar to docking interface found in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005 ("Whidbey"). Now users can see where the dragged window can be docked. Just call CBCGPDockManager::SetDockStyle (DT_SMART) to enable this feature. You can also customize "smart docking" markers by changing their colors and shapes.
  • Added a new advanced control - CBCGPAppBarWnd. This control behaves as a window which can be docked to any side of the screen and lays outside of the application area
  • Added full support for right-to-left layout. You can just create the main frame window with WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL style and the rest will be automatically handled by the library
  • A new static method CBCGPDockManager::EnableDockBarMenu allows to enable or disable additional context menu related to control bar states. This menu consists of four items: Floating, Docking, Auto Hide and Hide

Tab Control:

  • CBCGPTabWnd has a new method EnableTabDocumentsMenu which replaces scroll buttons with a popup menus displaying a list of opened documents
  • CBCGPTabWnd has a new style - STYLE_3D_VS2005. Tabbed windows created with this style look similar to MDI tab window in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005 development environment
  • Visual managers have an ability to override default border size of tabbed control bars using new methods GetMDITabsBordersSize and GetDockingTabsBordersSize

Toolbars and menus:

  • Toolbars with 32-bit images can be displayed now on all Windows platforms where the alpha blending feature is supported (such as Windows® 98 or ME)
  • Added support for color transformation to CBCGPToolBarImages class: a new method AddaptColors allows to change image tone color at runtime
  • Recalculating of toolbar layout is much more efficient now
  • The framework can gray disabled images automatically. Use a new method CBCGPToolBar::AutoGrayInactiveImages in order to enable this feature
  • CBCGPToolBar class has a new method "CleanUpLockedImages", that allows to clean image list(s) in locked (non-customizable) toolbar
  • CBCGPToolBarImages::AddIcon has a new optional parameter "bAlphaBlend", that allows to add 32-bit icons
  • Added access methods to collections of images residing in CBCGPToolBar
  • CBCGPToolBar::IsVisible is marked as "const" now
  • Significantly improved menu drawing performance

Edit control:

  • Automatic width adjustment for the outline margin. New virtual CBCGPEditCtrl::OnUpdateLineNumbersMarginWidth function was added
  • Typing performance was improved when auto-outlining is on
  • Added new wrapper functions for line operations in edit control (GetLineCount, GetLine, GetFirstVisibleLine, LineIndex, LineFromChar, LineLength, LineScroll)
  • Added new functions for selection operations in edit control (GetSelText, ReplaceSel)
  • CBCGPEditCtrl::UpdateScrollBars method is virtual now
  • Added new virtual functions for printing by pages: CBCGPEditCtrl::OnPrintPageHeader, CBCGPEditCtrl::OnPrintPageFooter
  • Added new virtual function CBCGPEditCtrl::OnDrawBorder. Override it if you need custom drawing of the edit control
  • Added handler for the WM_GETTEXTLENGTH message. See the CBCGPEditCtrl::OnGetTextLength function

Task pane:

  • Option for embedded user window to be full-size in the task pane group. Call CBCGPTasksPane::EnableOffsetCustomControls() to enable this
  • Class CBCGPTaskPaneMiniFrameWnd is exportable now

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